Kylian Mbappé

Paris Saint-Germain

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295, 235, 206, 205, 202

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Kylian Mbappe is a center forward for Paris Saint-Germain. Mbappe had another very strong season for PSG with 30 goals and 9 assists in 34 games. Mbappe is very fast, strong and is very strong at dribbling and finishing. Mbappe's tight, close, ball control combined with his ability to use his agility allows him to change direction and then accelerate with the ball to escape defenders easily and Mbappe has a 49.2% success rate on his very high 5.76 dribbles attempted per 90. Mbappe's attacking awareness is very storng and in such a dominant PSG side, Mbappe is able to shoot very frequently and has a 56.4% success rate on his 4.94 shots per 90. Furthermore, Mbappe scores very frequently and so his PB scores are fairly high. Mbappe has struggled to hit high peak PB scores often this season, but this may not be such a strong indicator of his future peak PB scores. In all 6 games that Mbappe has scored 2+ goals this season, he did not score the GWG and he has only scored the GWG 13% of the time that he has scored, despite PSG having a 81% win rate in Ligue 1. Although this is partly due to PSG scoring so many goals, Mbappe scored 24% of PSG's goals in Ligue 1 and so there is no doubt that Mbappe is underperforming when it comes to scoring GWG's which may suggest he is likely to hit higher peak PB scores in the future. Due to scoring so frequently, Mbappe has a strong chance of earning match day dividends in the future and he could also earn media dividends more often in the future if he becomes the best player in the world.

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Price Analysis

Kylian Mbappe's price started the season at £6.48. Mbappe's price had remained relatively stagnant throughout the season and had only increased by 4.6% by February 2020 to £6.78. Since the market's focus shifted towards higher priced players, Mbappe's price has continued to increase considerably and currently sits at £10.62. Mbappe has been linked to Liverpool and Real Madrid in recent months and has earned £0.06 in media dividends since February as well as earning £0.08 in match day dividends. Prior to February, Mbappe had not returned any dividends since the start of the season. Although Mbappe's total dividend return this season of £0.14 appears very low, there is a strong chance he will return more dividends in the future due to earning match day dividends more frequently in the future (Due to scoring the GWG more often) as well as earning more media dividends due to transfer links. Mbappe may benefit from playing in the later Champions League stages and will also have a chance of earning dividends whilst playing for France at EURO 2021 and the 2022 World Cup. In the short term, Mbappe could rise further if dividends are increased a considerable amount. Longer term, Mbappe's price may continue to grow as the market grows, however, his dividend return will need to increase to justify his current price which is now built up on the speculation that his dividend returns will improve.

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20 years ago

Good stuff FIYeti! I don't hold many of the higher priced players myself, but if I was going to I would be very tempted by Mbappe...


20 years ago

cheers Tom! on the purchase list he goes.

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