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Jonathan Ikone is an attacking midfielder for Lille. Ikone is very strong at dribbling attempting 5.17 dribbles per 90 with a 57.8% success rate. Ikone is also strong at providing key passes to teammates and provided 10 assists in the 2018-2019 season and a further 7 assists during the 2019-2020 season (which was cancelled early due to Covid-19). However, Ikone struggled to hit any high PB scores during the 2019-2020 season. Ikone's PB scores are relatively low because he does not suit the PB matrix very well, only attempting 0.89 crosses per 90 with a very small 17.3% success rate. Ikone often prefers to dribble towards goal before attempting to lay a teammate up for a shot on goal. Although, this results in Ikone producing a number of assists, often such play will be cut out and therefore Ikone's PB scores are very low compared to players who tend to cross more frequently. Furthermore, Ikone only comples 28 passes per 90. Ikone's PB scores could improve in the future as he is able to score and assist frequently. Ikone only scored 1 GWG out of his 5 goals during the 2019-2020 season and there was only one game where Ikone provided 2 goal contributions in a single game. Overall, Ikone's style of play fails to suit the PB matrix for a number of reasons due to his low amount of crosses and passes per 90 as well as failing to regularly play a full 90 minutes. Nevertheless, Ikone's PB scores are likely to improve further in the future, but perhaps not enough for him to earn matchday dividends often.

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Jonathan Ikone's price started the season at £1.37. Due to hitting low PB scores under the new PB matrix, Ikone's price dropped to £1.11 by early December as trader's focus shifted to high PB scoring players. Ikone's price then rebounded back up to £1.30 by January 9th. Ikone's price has remained relatively stagnant in recent months and he currently has a market price of £1.34 with an instant sell price of £1.15. Ikone gained tenuous transfer links to Borussia Dortmund and Chelsea in July, but it appears most likely that Ikone will remain at Lille. Ikone currently appears overpriced based on his low PB scores, but conversely seems underpriced relative to other players on Football Index based on his age and goal contributions alone. Overall, Ikone may not be such a strong hold given his low PB scores but his PB scores are likely to improve and he could also benefit from playing in the Europa League. Longer term, Ikone's success as a hold will depend on whether his PB scores can improve and until then he is arguably a risky hold given his current style of play resulting in him having a low chance of earning matchday dividends.

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