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Johannes Geis is a defensive midfielder for 1.FC Nuremberg. Geis had a strong season for 1.FC Nuremberg, who just avoided relegation. Geis is strong at taking set-pieces and provided a total of 5 goals and 10 assists in 29 games during the 2019-2020 season. However, Geis hugely outperformed his career averages in terms of the amount of goals contributed and in a stronger league, it is unlikely he would contribute to so many goals. Geis' decision making when on the ball is not always so strong and he will frequently play a long ball instead of choosing a more simple pass. Geis makes a total of 5.1 long balls per game and many of which are cut out which leads to him giving the ball away. Due to taking many corners and free-kicks, Geis takes 2.1 shots and attempts 2.4 crosses per game. Geis also makes a very high 2.4 key passes per game. Overall, Geis could be a strong PB player if he was taking set-pieces at a strong side in a PB league, however, this currently appears unlikely and so his chances of earning dividends appear low.

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Johannes Geis' price started the 2019-2020 season at £0.25. Geis' price started to rise around December 2019 as traders started to speculate that he could move to a PB league due to his strong performances in 2.Bundesliga. Geis' price currently sits at a market price of £0.45 with an instant sell price of £0.22. Geis has gained very few transfer links, but given the weakness of 1.FC Nuremberg and Geis' quality - he could attract better teams as he is a stand out player in 2.Bundesliga. However, Geis' contribution to goals is likely to be much lower at a better side and unless he was to take set-pieces, he could struggle to hit high PB scores as he often plays long balls and is predominantly a more defensive midfielder. Overall, Geis is a risky hold as in the short term he has almost no chane of earning dividends and so the opportunity cost of holding him could be high whilst other players rise in price. Geis has failed to attract many sides so far, but if he does in the future his spread will undoubtedly tighten. Once the full order book system is introduced, his market price is likely to fall but his instant sell price could possibly increase leading to a tighter spread.

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