Joao Felix

Atlético de Madrid

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Player Review

Joao Felix is a second striker for Atletico Madrid. Felix was immense for Benfica during the 2018-2019 season with 20 goals and 11 assists in a total of 43 games and was subsequently signed by Atletico Madrid for a fee of around £113 million. Felix struggled for Atletico Madrid in his first season with just 9 goals and 3 assists in 36 games. However, he has already made a much improved start to the 2020-2021 season. Felix is fast, strong at dribbling and has an excellent passing ability. Felix is also strong off the ball, with aggression and strong defensive positioning, which is perhaps partly why he was signed by Diego Simeone's defensive Atletico Madrid. Last season, Atletico Madrid came 11th in La Liga for possession (48.6% possession) and 17th for counter attacks. Therefore, Felix's quality on the ball and pace in attack was not fully utilised resulting in a number of underwhelming performances and fairly low PB scores. However, Atletico Madrid have been much better on the ball this season, keeping possession an average of 54% of the time and taking the second most shots per game (13.7). Overall, Felix's style of play does suit the PB matrix very well and this has been shown by his recent high PB scores. As long as Felix plays in a team that keep the ball and are strong in attack, it is likely that he will continue to hit high PB scores in the future and longer term he certainly has the potential to become world-class and earn media dividends.

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Price Analysis

Joao Felix's price started the 2019-2020 season at £3.71. Felix's price rocketed up to a temporary peak price of £4.77 on 17th August 2019, a day before his debut for Atletico Madrid. Since then, Felix's price has declined because he struggled in his first season under Diego Simeone's defensive Atletico Madrid system where forwards fail to flourish and fail to attack with much creativity. However, Felix has started the 2020-2021 season in fine form with a total of 7 goals and 3 assists in just 10 games already. Felix has also hit 3 PB scores over 200 in this time and if it wasn't for the current negative sentiment throughout the market - it is likely his price would have risen a considerable amount. Overall, Felix's improvement and potential to develop further over the upcoming seasons makes him appear a very valuable hold at his current price of £3.73. Felix's spread is currently relatively tight compared to many other players, but even so he could be a great hold in the short term because if the market rebounds - he may well be one of the first players to rise a considerable amount in price.

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