Jean-Paul Boetius

1. FSV Mainz 05

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215, 198, 161, 152, 111

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Player Review

Jean-Paul Boetius is an attacking midfielder for FSV Mainz 05. Boetius often scans his environment to seek options in attack ahead of him. By combining his awareness and vision, Boetius is able to pick out intelligent passes and this helped him complete 5 assists in 28 games last season and 7 assists in 30 games during the 2018-2019 season. Boetius is also fast and has a 52% success rate on his 2.5 dribbles attempted per 90. Boetius used his strong dribbling ability against Hoffenheim to take on four players and then cooly finish into the bottom right corner. Boetius has scored four goals in each of his last two Bundesliga seasons. Boetius hit a fairly high PB score of 215 on the last day of the season against Werder Bremen, but he struggles to hit high PB scores often due to only completing 26 passes and a very low 0.08 successful crosses per 90. Therefore, Boetius is unlikely to earn matchday dividends often. Nevertheless, Boetius could occassionally hit a matchday dividend winning PB score by scoring/assisting a number of times within a single game and with a total of 20 goal contributions in his 58 Bundesliga games, he could be a strong IPD earner.

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Price Analysis

Jean-Paul Boetius' price started the season at £0.56. Boetius' price has dropped considerably due to the general neglect throughout the market for many lower priced players and he currently has a market price of £0.44. Boetius also has an instant sell price of £0.25. Although Boetius may not earn matchday dividends in the future, he could be a very strong hold given his potential to earn In-Play Dividends. Boetius may be deemed a risky hold given his low price and the possibility that he will be difficult to sell, but his price currently sits at a 1-year-low and it is unlikely his price will drop much further given his IPD potential. Boetius could be a very strong hold if bought within his current wide spread and demand for Boetius could increase considerably if he was to move to the Premier League. Boetius has gained interest from Fulham and Leeds United and although he may continue to struggle to hit high PB scores whilst playing for a weak Premier League side, it is likely that a move would lead to his spread tightening. Overall, the current lack of demand for Boetius combined with his IPD potential and the recent emergence of transfer links could make Boetius a very strong hold, especially if bought within his spread.

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