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Jayden Bogle is a right back for Derby County. Bogle has rapid pace and a strong dribbling ability and will often drive down the right wing with the ball and then attempt to cross. Bogle attempts 3.4 crosses per 90, but only 23.4% have been successful this season. Bogle is certainly an attacking threat for Derby County evident in him providing 9 assists in his debut season in the 2018-2019 season and a further 6 assists in the 2019-2020 season. However, his defensive abilities are still very questionable and he has failed to improve in this area of his game this season. Bogle is very inconsistent defensively and his decision making is fairly poor. Although he rarely gets beaten for pace, the opposition can sometimes play the ball around him and he sometimes makes costly mistakes. Bogle is still fairly young and with two Championship seasons now under his belt, he has shown a lot of potential especially when going forward. In the future, he could even be converted to playing as a right winger as his attacking ability appears stronger than his defensive skills. Overall, Bogle suits the PB matrix fairly well due to crossing so often and he could earn match day dividends in the future if he was to sign for a strong Premier League side. However, his weakness in defence may result in him remaining in the Championship or only signing for a weak Premier League side where he may struggle to flourish if he does not have the opportunity to attack often. Bogle is also an England youth international, but may struggle to break into the England first team in the future with many, other, young, English players ahead of him.

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Jayden Bogle's price started the season at £0.85. Bogle's price has fluctuated throughout the season, rising the most during trends towards transfer players. Bogle has previously been linked to a number of relativley weak Premier League sides including Crystal Palace and Brighton. However, no transfer links have developed and since the restart of the Championship, Bogle has been in poor form which could weaken his chances of a summer transfer. Bogle's peak price this season has been £1.08 and Bogle's current market price is £0.97 with an instant sell price of £0.68. Such a wide spread reflects the current lack of demand for Bogle and this is no surprise as without the option to instant sell players at a tight spread, Bogle has arguably become a more risky hold as if he does not improve - he will appear very overpriced. Overall, Bogle's potential is huge and if he could improve in defence, it is likely he would secure a transfer to a Premier League side. If transfer links develop this summer, it is likely Bogle's spread will tighten. However, if he remains in the Championship - his price is likely to remain relatively stagnant or drop further unless he can improve next season.

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