Jarrod Bowen

West Ham United

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199, 149, 129, 127, 125

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Jarrod Bowen is a winger or center forward for West Ham United. Bowen has shown in the Championship his quality dribbling, pace and finishing abilities and he made a strong start for West Ham since arriving in January 2020 with 1 goal and 4 assists in 13 appearances. Bowen's PB score of 199 in West Ham's 3-1 win against Southampton suggests he has the potential to hit high PB scores as this PB score was without game winning goal and with just 1 goal and no assists. Furthermore, Bowen hit a PB score of 106 in a 1-0 defeat to Arsenal, again a solid PB score given the context of this game. Bowen suits the PB matrix fairly well, attempting a high 5.85 crosses per 90 and 2.34 shots per 90. Bowen's accuracy in both crossing and shooting could certainly improve further as he only hit 29.1% of his shots on target and only 25% of his crosses successfully met a teammate. Bowen also works hard out of possession, which is partly why he was able to hit a respectable PB score against Arsenal in a defeat as he made many tackles and interceptions. Bowen averages 1.86 tackles per 90, but due to playing for a relatively weak Premier League side, he only completes 20 passes per 90 and so he is unlikely to hit high PB scores often. Overall, Bowen suits the PB matrix and if he could score more frequently in the Premier League, as he showed he could do in the Championship - he could hit a number of high PB scores. Furthermore, due to being relatively young and English, Bowen has a very high price ceiling and could earn media dividends if he can continue to improve.

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Price Analysis

Jarrod Bowen's price started the 2019-2020 season at £1.07. Due to scoring a very impressive 18 goals in only 29 Championship games, Bowen gained strong transfer links to a number of Premier League sides and his price consequently rose up to a peak of £2.00 by December 2019. Since settling in at West Ham United, Bowen's price has dropped to a current price of £1.60 and he currently has an instant sell price of £1.47. Bowen does appear a fairly strong longer term hold, however, he is likely to struggle to earn dividends whilst at West Ham United, unless they have a much better season. In the short term, Bowen's price could possibly rise due to the strong marketing campaigns which can often lead to young, attacking Premier League players rising in price. Overall, Bowen could be a strong longer term hold, but he does have a currently have a relatively high price given his low chances of earning dividends whilst at West Ham United.

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