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Ignatius Ganago is a center forward for Lens. Ganago struggled for game time at OGC Nice during the 2019-2020 season and having only played 1,231 minutes last season, he signed for newly promoted RC Lens ahead of the 2020-2021 season. Ganago has made a very strong start at Lens with three goals and an assist in his first four games. Ganago has rapid pace and he is strong at quickly changing direction to deceive both defenders and goalkeepers before setting himself up to shoot. Four of Ganago's last six Ligue 1 goals have come from such motions and it is this composure to position himself better for a shot by turning a defender or goalkeeper quickly which makes him a dangerous forward. Ganago's general involvement throughout games is relatively low with him only completing 24 passes per 90 and infrequently playing a full 90 minutes. Therefore, his PB scores are fairly low and it is unlikely he would hit a PB score above 200 without contributing to at least two goals within one game. Overall, Ganago could be a strong forward this season for earning In-Play Dividends, but due to him playing for a relatively weak side and rarely being in possession of the ball he is unlikely to earn matchday dividends often. Longer term, Ganago will need to continue to improve and possibly move to a stronger side to have a better chance of earning dividends.

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Ignatius Ganago's price started the 2019-2020 season at £0.38. Throughout the 2019-2020 season, Ganago's price fluctuated often based on the amount of game time he played. Due to infrequently playing, his price would often fall and remain stagnant for weeks. However, he does look likely to play much more frequently at Lens and so if he can build on his very strong start to the season, it is likely that his price will continue to grow. In recent weeks, Ganago's price has risen and he currently has a market price of £0.70 with an instant sell price of £0.64. Ganago's current tight spread is partly caused by the temporary increase in demand due to the 5X IPD promotion and if his goals dry up over upcoming games, his spread may widen. It is also worth pointing out that RC Lens have had an exceptionally strong start to the season, as do a number of newly promoted sides whilst momentum is high, but this may not continue into the future. Overall, Ganago's chances of earning matchday dividends currently appear slim and he is fairly unlikely to score so frequently in the future whilst at Lens. However, given his young age, relatively low price, composure in front of goal and his ability to improve this season due to being granted more game time - he does currently appear a fairly valuable, longer term hold.

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