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192, 183, 182, 164, 163

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Hassane Kamara is a left back for Nice. Kamara had a very strong 2019/2020 season with Stade De Reims, helping them concede the least amount of goals of all teams in Ligue 1. Kamara has strong defensive positioning which has helped him make an impressive 3 interceptions and 2.8 tackles per 90. Kamara also likes to attack, averaging 3 crosses per 90 and 1.58 shots per 90. However, his quality in attack is not so strong with just a 18.9% crossing success rate and only managing to get 23.3% of his shows on target. Kamara's lack of quality in attack may help explain why he was unable to provide any assists in the 2019/2020 season and only scored two goals. Kamara's top 3 PB scores noticeably came in games where he did not score or assist and if he had have been able to do so, it is likely he would have hit a very high PB score. Overall, Kamara's PB average is fairly high and with some further training in attack, his PB scores could improve further at Nice who are a high PB scoring side. If Kamara is unable to score/assist more often in the future then it is likely he will struggle to earn match day dividends.

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Hassane Kamara's price started the season at just £0.29. Kamara's price has increased considerably this season due to his strong performances and transfer links which led to his price hitting a temporary peak price of £0.60 in January. Kamara's price has since fallen and there is no longer any speculation of him moving to the Premier League with him recently signing for Nice. Kamara currently has a market price of £0.48 and an instant sell price of £0.34. Kamara could be a strong longer term hold, especially if bought at a discount on his current market price, as he has shown fairly strong PB potential and if he could score/assist more frequently for Nice next season - he could hit higher PB scores. Although Kamara's base PB scores are likely to be stronger at Stade De Reims due to their quality in defence and regular clean sheets, he is possibly more likely to contribute towards goals at Nice who are a more attacking side (Scoring 16 more than Stade De Reims in the 2019/2020 season) and therefore hit higher peak PB scores. Overall, Kamara appears fairly strong value, especially if bought via a matched bid, but he may struggle to rise in price due to the lack of demand for lower priced players and becuase of his low peak PB scores resulting in him being unlikely to earn match day dividends often.

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