Harry Maguire

Manchester United

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223, 202, 175, 170, 169

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Harry Maguire is a center back for Manchester United. Maguire has returned 19p in Match Day dividends and 31p in Media Dividends since the start of August 2019 and his form has improved considerably as he has become more settled at Manchester United. Maguire's PB average in the first half of the season was 107 and since December this has increased to a very high PB average of 141. Maguire has been in particularly strong form recently providing a very high average of 96 passes over his last 3 games. Maguire's ability on the ball leads to very high base PB scores and if he could score in the future it is likely he could hit a very high peak PB score. Overall, Maguire is unlikely to win match day dividends particularly often, but certainly has the potential to do so if he can score. Maguire is also likely to earn more media dividends in the future as captain of Manchester United and due to playing for England at EURO 2021 and the World Cup.

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Harry Maguire's price started the season at £2.08 and hit a peak price of £2.76 as he continued to earn media dividends after signing for Manchester United. Maguire's price then slowly dropped as his media dividend returns started to dry up and his performances were not so strong at the start of the season. Maguire has improved considerably at Manchester United and this has led to his price starting to rise recently. Maguire's price has increased recently and currently sits at £1.97, but there could be further growth in the short term as in form players are likely to rise following the dividend increase. Maguire's price could also benefit from playing for Manchester United in the Europa League towards the end of this season and he could also greatly benefit from playing for England at EURO 2021 and the World Cup. Overall, Maguire's short term prospects are very favoruable and he is likely to rise again next season ahead of the EURO's. However, his much longer term prospects may not be so strong due to him being a center back that is not particularly young.

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TM98 / FIC

9 months ago

Thanks! Great stuff getting into him before the analysis/before his quick rise. It was interesting to see so many picking him as top defender in the FIdividendpredictor on Twitter too, that certainly shows the confidence in his PB from the market at the moment too. Yes, I think he will do great in this regenerated United team. Best of luck with it!

Postman pat

9 months ago

Cheers for this Tom...bought into him just before you did this analysis, and glad i did, knew his stats and pb was getting better, alot going for him in this regenerated united team and England, glad i got a second opinion off you.....top man as always!

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