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206, 143, 134, 114, 102

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Hamed Junior Traore is an attacking midfielder for Sassuolo, on loan from Empoli, until June 2021. Hamed Junior Traore has already played a total of 52 games in Serie A and is developing into a strong player who could suit the PB matrix very well if he was to get more game time. Traore has played a total of 1109 Serie A minutes this season, but only 5 full games. Traore's average PB score across these 5 games is a very impressive 138.8 and upon further inspection into his stats per 90 minutes, we can certainly see why his base PB scores are so strong. Out of all midfielders on Football Index under the age of 24 that have played 500 minutes or more this season, Traore ranks highly in many of the key metrics which lead to high PB scores. Traore is 1st for most shots on target, averaging 1.46 shots on target per 90 and 9th for crossing, averaging 4.88 crosses per 90. Traore does not rank so highly for passing, making just 33 accurate passes per 90, but with Sassuolo having the 3rd most possession in Serie A (55.7%) - this could improve over time. Overall, Traore needs to gain more regular game time to start hitting higher PB scores and to compete for match day dividends in the future, but he certainly is showing he has some of the underlying stats which could make for a strong PB contender longer term.

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Hamed Junior Traore's price started the season at just £0.80. Throughout the season Traore's price has fluctuated often rising to a peak price of £1.70 in late December 2019 and then down to a low of £1.18 by March 2020. Traore's significant dip in price was likely to have been brought on by a trader holding a very large quantity of Traore mass selling him during the Covid-19 dip and this then leading to a snowball effect. Traore's price has since recovered and remained very stable over the last two months. With Serie A returning, Traore will have a chance to impress again and if he stands out with high PB scores, he could increase in price considerably given the current strong trend towards very young players. However, this will very much depend on how much game time he receives with him coming back from time out with a sprained ankle. Longer term, the future looks bright for Traore with him reportedly gaining interest from Juventus and with such strong underlying stats, if his future development follows his current trajectory - he will make for a very strong hold.

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