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Gabriel Martinelli is a winger or center forward for Arsenal. Martinelli is very strong off the ball and gets himself into goal-scoring positions frequently which makes it easier for him to score. 7 of his 10 goals this season have been with just one touch. Martinelli possesses blistering pace and can use this to dribble past defenders and also get himself into the right place at the right time. Martinelli is still very young, but could improve his dribbling ability further as he currently only has a 34.7% success rate and a lack of creativity/skill sometimes leads to him being dispossessed as he is very direct in his approach to beating defenders by just using his sheer pace. Martinelli also works hard and averages a very high 2.7 tackles per game, more than any other forward. Martinelli's very high peak PB score of 280 against Standard Liege came when he scored twice and provided 1 assist. Martinelli, noticeably, provided a high 5 key passes in this game which makes up half of all the key passes he has provided in all 10 PB eligible games he has played in so far this season, suggesting he may not replicate such a high peak PB score often. Martinelli also averages just 11.5 passes per game and so it is likely he would need to score/assist many times in a single game to hit a very high peak PB score. Overall, Martinelli has strong positional awareness, finishing and pace and if he could develop even further he could become a world-class player and earn match day dividends often in the future, but his PB score of 280 does not necessarily suggest that he will be able to replicate such high PB scores in the short term often.

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Gabriel Martinelli's price started the season at £1.27. Martinelli's price has risen considerably this season due to being so young and performing so well in the Premier League. Martinelli suits the current market trend very well as a young, attacking player in the Premier League. However, Martinelli's price has already risen due to suiting this trend. Having already risen 30% over the last 3 months, now may not be such a strong time to buy Martinelli. Martinelli's price ceiling is very high and he is undoubtedly a quality talent who could become a world-class player. At Martinelli's current price, he is arguably a very risky hold as if he does not continue to develop as expected, his price could drop. In the short term, Martinelli may rise if he does stand-out for Arsenal towards the end of the season, but longer term the direction of his price will depend on how much further he develops over the upcoming seasons.

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