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Florinel Coman is a left winger for FCSB in Liga 1 (Romanian first division). Coman has scored 11 goals and provided 9 assists in Liga 1 in 23 games this season and although this is a very strong output, Liga 1 is a poor league with weak goalkeepers. Coman uses his rapid pace and strong dribbling ability to either cut inside towards the goal or go down the wing and use skill before getting the ball back onto his right foot to cross. Coman's acceleration is particularly impressive and can dart in either direction and use feints to frequently dribble past defenders. Coman is also a strong finisher and can score from both inside the box but has also scored a number of impressive goals from outside of the box, though some of which a stronger goalkeeper would have saved. Coman uses skills often and likes to make intelligent one-touch flicks in build up play often, though sometimes his decision making can be questionable and he could play easier passes. Coman's pace, dribbling ability and strong contribution towards goals suggests he could be a strong PB contender if he continued to develop and secured a transfer to a PB league. However, he is still very unproven given the weakness of the league that he plays in and having only made 3 appearances for Romania's national side at the age of 22.

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Florinel Coman's price started the season at just £0.54. Coman has increased considerably this season due to strong performances in Liga 1 and the emergence of transfer links to various sides, including a number of Premier League teams. Coman's price tends to fluctuate depending on the strength of trends towards transfer holds and based on the recency of transfer links. Coman has not been linked to any Premier League sides recently, but it is likely he is on the radar of a number of sides and given he looks too good for Liga 1, there is a strong chance he will be on the move this summer. However, he has also been linked to Orlando City and so the MLS could possibly be a destination for him which would most likely result in his price declining. Overall, the direction of Coman's price is likely to be directed by where he ends up playing ahead of the 2020/2021 season. Coman's price currently sits at £1.00 with an instant sell price of £0.79 suggesting he could be purchased at a reasonable discount via a matched bid. Coman is an exciting prospect and could rise in price considerably in the future if he does secure a transfer to a PB league, but due to his wide spread and the lack of transfer links in recent months - he may remain stagnant in the short term as he is arguably a risky hold in case he remains in a Non-PB league.

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