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Federico Chiesa is a center forward for Fiorentina. Chiesa is a stand out performer for Fiorentina and as the best forward at Fiorentina, Chiesa can often choose to go alone rather than pass to a teammate. Chiesa averages a very high 3.74 shots per 90 with 39.5% hitting the target which is not so bad considering many are from outside of the box. Chiesa is a very fast player who is strong at dribbling, averaging 2.77 dribbles per 90 with a 56.6% success rate and he likes to create opportunities for himself to shoot. Chiesa has been played as a center forward for most of this season and so he has only made an average of 16 passes and 0.27 accurate crosses per 90 which has resulted in generally low PB scores. Chiesa can also be deployed as a winger and it is likely his PB scores would improve considerably if he was to play as a winger at a stronger side that kept more possession (Fiorentina only average 47.9%). Overall, Chiesa is likely to struggle to hit high peak PB scores regularly if he remains at Fiorentina, but his PB scores could improve in the future if he secured a transfer to a stronger side. Chiesa could also earn media dividends in the future as many strong Premier League sides have reportedly been interested in signing Chiesa.

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Federico Chiesa's price started the season at £1.67. Chiesa's price has generally fluctuated based on transfer links this season and it is likely more transfer links will emerge this summer. Chiesa currently sits at a market price of £2.37 with an instant sell price of £1.98. Chiesa has recently been linked to Inter Milan and due to the lack of media dividends that this would result in, Chiesa's price may not increase so much if this move was to go ahead as his price is already built on the speculation of a potential transfer. Chiesa is still relatively young and has the ability to be a very strong player if he could improve his decision making and play at a strong side which suits him. Overall, Chiesa's longer term prospects are bright especially as he is an Italy international and could star at either the EURO's or the World Cup over the upcoming years. However, his price in the short term is likely to depend very much on where he ends up ahead of next season. A move to the Premier League would almost certainly lead to an increase in price, but if he remains in Italy he may not rise so much given his price is already built up on past transfer links, especially to Premier League sides. Chiesa could be a fairly strong hold if bought at a discount on his market price, but his price may remain relatively stagnant until a transfer develops further.

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