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Fabian Ruiz is a central midfielder for Napoli. Ruiz has excellent ball control, passing and vision. After Rodri, Ruiz completes the most successful passes per 90 (66) out of all midfielders/forwards under the age of 25 that play regularly in a PB leauge. Ruiz is also strong at dribbling with a 72% success rate. Such strong game involvement has helped Ruiz hit high PB scores this season. However, Ruiz is yet to hit a PB score over 200 against strong opposition with 3 of his PB scores coming against relatively weak international sides whilst playing for Spain and the other for Napoli was against Brescia. Ruiz is arguably one of the best midfielders in Europe and possesses some of the player characteristics which could lead to him hitting very high PB scores regularly. So far this season, Ruiz has only completed 0.21 successful crosses per 90 and 1.38 key passes per 90 which is what has perhaps held him back from hitting higher PB scores. Napoli are a possession based side, averaging 57.3% possession in Serie A and Ruiz plays an integral part in keeping so much possession, but Napoli have not had such a strong season and it is likely Ruiz would hit higher PB scores at a stronger side. Real Madrid, Barcelona and Manchester City are the main three teams reportedly interested in Ruiz and this could lead to Ruiz earning media dividends and having a better chance of earning match day dividends too.

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Fabian Ruiz's price started the season at £1.86 and by November had risen to a peak price of £3.11. Since then, Ruiz's price has remained relatively stagnant and currently sits at £2.83. At the age of 24, Ruiz has failed to gain as much attention, speculation and hype as many players just a few years younger than him. However, Ruiz does appear a very attractive prospect who's chances of earning dividends in the future could improve considerably if he secures a transfer to a stronger side. Overall, Ruiz appears a fairly strong hold at his current price as transfer rumours are likely to develop further over the upcoming months which could lead to Ruiz earning media dividends and having a better chance of earning match day dividends next season. Ruiz may also rise in price ahead of EURO 2021.

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TM98 / FIC

22 years ago

Napoli’s sporting director Cristiano Giuntoli has recently said “Fabian has three years left on his contract, and he is happy here at Napoli, I think he will stay here (this summer), and we will discuss a contract extension next year.” However, this is unlikely to stop the speculation of a transfer over the upcoming months.


22 years ago

Thanks Tom, a great and thorough breakdown on Ruiz, my Seria A holds are lacking compared to the other 4 leagues so will try to top up on this guy.

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