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141, 62, 46, 37, 15

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Emile Smith-Rowe is an attacking midfielder for Arsenal. Smith-Rowe showed a lot of PB potential in the Championship with 1.9 key passes per game. Smith-Rowe has an excellent first touch and can quickly change direction to evade challenges from defenders. With a piece of skill or a drop of the shoulder, Smith-Rowe is very capable of getting past a defender. Smith-Rowe's distribution is also very strong and he has demonstrated his ability to execute perfectly weighted passes many times. Smith-Rowe is not particularly strong in the air or defensively and he also needs to have a bigger impact on games by getting into space and asking for the ball even more often in the future. Overall, Smith-Rowe is technically very good with good dribbling ability and strong distribution, but he could improve further by getting into better positions off the ball, helping out more defensively and also improving his finishing. Smith-Rowe may struggle to hit the PB scores needed to earn match day dividends often due to completing a low amount of crosses and passes per game, but if he can improve his finishing he may well be able to hit high PB scores by contributing to a number of goals in games.

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Emile Smith-Rowe's price started the 2019-2020 season at £1.46 and fluctuated with wide swings throughout last season ranging from peaks of £1.70 to lows of £1.33. Smith-Rowe's price had dropped considerably when he signed for Huddersfield Town, but after strong, stand-out performances his price rose again. Smith-Rowe's price has now dropped much further in recent months due to a lack of game time for Arsenal. Smith-Rowe now has a current market price of £1.19 with no instant sell price. Bids can be matched for £0.97 and at that price he could be a strong longer term hold. The concern with Smith-Rowe is that if he does not break into a strong side, he could struggle to hit high PB scores. Averaging only 28 passes per game at Huddersfield Town, shows how Smith-Rowe would most likely need to play in a side that keeps the possession more often so that he can really use his creative ability in attack and get on the ball often to hit high PB scores. If Smith-Rowe failed to break into the Arsenal side, it is likely his price would drop further over time. Overall, Smith-Rowe does appear a strong longer term hold given his clear quality and very high price ceiling, however, he is undoubtedly a risky hold whilst he fails to break into the team and has such little chance of earning dividends in the short term.

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