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231, 175, 156, 129, 120

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Eduardo Camavinga is a central midfielder for Rennes. Camavinga featured in a total of 36 games for Rennes this season which is very impressive for just a 17 year old and his quality has gained the interest of many of the biggest clubs around the world including Manchester United and Real Madrid. Camavinga's attacking threat is generally poor averaging just 0.3 key passes per game as he is more of a defensive midfielder shown by him averaging a high 4.6 tackles per game. Camavinga is also a strong passer of the ball and averages a very respecatable 39 passes per game. Prior to the break in football, Camavinga had been playing particularly well averaging 63 passes in his last two games. Camavinga is unlikely to compete for match day dividends often, but on the rare occassion he does score a game-winning goal, he is likely to hit a very high PB score as he did against Lyon hitting a 231 earlier this season. Overall, Camavinga's style of play does not suit the PB matrix particularly well, but he is still very young and as he develops there is a strong chance his PB scores will improve further.

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Since being introduced to the platform on 13th November 2019 at £2.25, Camavinga's price has gradually increased and his price currently sits at a peak of £3.31. A transfer is already very much factored into Camavinga's price, but he is likely to rise in price even further if he starts to earn media dividends. Camavinga appears a reasonably strong hold whilst he gains transfer links and the speculation over where he will play next season continues to bubble. However, what has made Camavinga stand out this season has mostly been his such regular game time at such a young age and at a much stronger side, it is unlikely he would gain such regular game time. Longer term, Camavinga may not be such a strong hold compared to other more attack minded players, as Camavinga may be less likely to hit the high peak PB scores needed to earn match day dividends often enough to justify his high price.

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14 years ago

Yes JG84, great insight. Much higher PB potential now and I also think that the plans in the revamp of Media Dividends will help him longer term too. Really high price now already and I suppose the risk is that he moves to a team that is so good he fails to play a full 90 regularly. But, overall he currently appears a good long term hold.


14 years ago

WIth N'Zonzi now the anchor in the Rennes midfield, Camavinga seems to have more of a box to box role this year - already got a PB win this season and has just made his France debut. Looks like an incredible prospect.


21 years ago

Great shout on Ihattaren, he almost hasn't moved at all in the last few months. Got to be value with the rises in other premium youth!

TM98 / FIC

21 years ago

Thanks JG84! Good points, I think it is quite incredible how he is already playing at such a high standard so regularly at his age. Fair chance of some media dividends too with transfer links. Another youth, who hasn't risen so much recently but could gain transfer links over summer is Mohammed Ihattaren who has really impressed me this season.


21 years ago

Great review as always. Although he currently plays quite deep I do think he has the potential to be a driving box to box midfielder. He's got the athleticism and the technique. The fact that he is playing in a disciplined holding midfield role is testament to his intelligence and game reading. A lot of youth have had big rises recently but Camavinga has yet to. Might be his turn soon!

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