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Donyell Malen is a center forward for PSV. Malen made a very strong start to the season with a total of 17 goals and 9 assists in 25 appearances. However, Malen suffered a knee injury in December and so has been out of action since. Malen scored 5 goals against Vitesse in a 5-0 win and it is his clinical finishing which makes him such a dangerous center forward. Malen averages a very high 3.8 shots per game and as he is a strong finisher, it is no surprise that he scores so frequently in the Eredivisie. Malen's strong performances earnt him a call up to the Netherlands national side and it is likely he will play at EURO 2021. Malen is a fast player with a great first touch and the agility to feint and create opportunities to shoot, but he does not get on the ball so often. Malen prefers to play one touch, simple passes and will also shoot first time. Overall, Malen's style of play does not particularly suit the PB matrix, but if he could score so frequently in a PB league, he would of course have a chance of hitting the occassional high peak PB score. Malen could also earn media dividends if he secured a transfer to a PB league.

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Donyell Malen's price started the season at £1.02. Malen's price rose a huge amount due to his strong performances at the start of the season, up to a peak price of £2.75. Since Malen's injury, his price has declined to a low of £2.06, but has rebounded to a current price of £2.47. Malen's price has been slowly declining in recent weeks and he has a fairly wide spread with an instant sell price of £2.19. Malen could gain transfer links over summer, but due to being injured for the majority of the season, he may be less likely to move this summer. Malen is a very strong finisher, but he is fairly unproven against stronger sides and in a better league, it is unlikely he would be able to take as many shots per game and consequently may struggle to score so frequently. As Malen's general style of play does not appear to suit the PB matrix very well, he could be a fairly risky hold as if he moves to a PB league and the goals dry up - his PB scores are likely to be low and his price could drop. Malen may increase in price if he does gain transfer links to strong PB leagues this season and could also rise next season ahead of EURO 2021, but longer term he may not be such strong value.

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