Diogo Jota

Wolverhampton Wanderers

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Diogo Jota is a winger or center forward for Wolverhampton Wanderers. Jota is now in his fourth season for Wolves and has consistently scored and assisted many goals in all of his previous three seasons. Jota made the impressive step up to the Premier League two seasons ago and has gone from strengh to strengh since. Jota's two hat-tricks last season led to huge PB scores and Jota also hit a very high PB score when scoring two goals against Norwich City. Jota certainly has the ability to perform exceptionally well on occassion scoring multiple goals, especially against weaker sides, evident in his 3 highest PB scores coming against 3 particularly weak sides and also shown by his stronger goal scoring record in the Championship three seasons ago. However, Jota is yet to hit a high PB score against a stronger side. Jota is still relatively young and could certainly continue to improve and hit high PB scores more regularly in the future. Jota is particularly strong at dribbling successfully completing 49.3% of his high 4.97 dribbles attempted per 90. Jota often creates space with his strong ball control and shoots often, averaging 2.69 shots per 90 hitting 41.7% on target. Overall, Jota has shown his ability to earn dividends in the past and although Wolves are not in the Europa Leauge this season, Jota looks likely to earn dividends again in the future.

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Diogo Jota's price started the 2019-2020 season at £1.70. Jota had a strong 2019-2020 season with a high dividend yield and his price rose to a peak of £2.81 in June 2020 due to transfer links to a number of teams. However, he has started Wolves' first game on the bench and his price has dropped dramatically recently down to a low of £1.49 with an instant sell price of £1.31. Jota's lack of game time has been devastating for his price, but once he starts to play regularly again it is likely that his price will rise. Jota is also a Portugal international and could gain further transfer links in the future. Overall, Jota appears a very strong hold having recently dropped 36% in just one week.

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TM98 / FIC

27 years ago

Yes great point on those future milestones to potentially hit! He could be a strong short (Those fixtures and the Europa League) and longer term hold. If he improves further next season and then has the EURO's too alongside transfer speculation - we could see a significant increase in price. One thing I wonder about Wolves is how consistently they will continue to be such a strong Premier League team and if that could impact Jota and Adam's performances.


27 years ago

Cheers Tom. Ticks a lot of boxes for me and still have some potential milestones to come with transfer spec, euros. Just looking at his first 3 games presuming they stick to the original plan and they are against West ham, Bournemouth and Norwich which couldnt be much better.

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