Dele Alli

Tottenham Hotspur

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214, 148, 145, 132, 122

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Player Review

Dele Alli is an attacking midfielder for Tottenham Hotspur. Alli is strong at dribbling, averaging 3.1 attempted dribbles per 90 and at finishing with 8 Premier League goals this season and an impressive 50 goals in 153 Premier League games throughout his career so far. Dele Alli hit particularly strong form upon Jose Mourinho's arrival with 3 goals and 3 assists in Alli's first 4 games under Mourinho. Despite Alli's impressive contrinbution towards goals from midfield, his PB scores are generally very low with a 2nd highest PB score of just 148. The main reason for this is Alli's lack of creativity and chances created in attack. Alli averages only 1.1 key passes per 90 and a very low 0.03 successful crosses per 90. Therefore, for Alli to earn match day dividends given his style of play, it is likely he would need to score/assist a high amount in a game. Dele Alli currently does not suit the PB matrix very well at all and so unless he can improve his crossing or improve his contribution towards goals even further, he appers unlikely to earn match day dividends often. As a high goal scoring, English midfielder Dele Alli does have a reasonably strong chance of earning media dividends on occassion shown by him earning 9p in media dividends so far this season.

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Price Analysis

Dele Alli's price started the season at £1.83 and having remained relatively stagnant for months due to low PB scores, finally exploded into life in late November after he hit very strong form under Jose Mourinho. The market had started to speculate that Alli could be a transformed player under Mourinho and the combination of speculation over improved performances with Alli's high price ceiling and the fact he was earning media dividends led to him rising up to a temporary peak price of £3.29 in early December. However, over time it became clearer such an impressive run of form was only temporary and his PB scores did not improve in the months that followed leading to him declining back down in price. Dele Alli's price is currently sat at £2.13 and has been relatively stagnant now for months with the lack of football. Alli is unlikely to earn match day dividends often, but does have a chance of returning media dividends on occassion. In the short term, Alli is unlikely to rise in price unless his PB scores dramatically improve. Longer term, Alli may well grow in price as the market grows purely because of his quality on the pitch and potential to earn media dividends, despite having little chance of earning match day dividends.

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