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Davide Calabria is a right back for Milan. Calabria has been around a while now, but due to a number of injuries he has failed to play as consistently as he perhaps would have liked and he is still fairly young at the age of 23. Calabria has strong defensive positioning, gets tight to attackers and reads the game well. However, it has been his lack of quality in attack that has held him back in recent seasons. Despite attempting a fairly high 2.71 crosses per 90 last season, Calabria only successfully met a teammate 24.2% of the time. Calabria does attempt to create chances often, shown by how he attempted the 5th most passes into danger areas per 90 of all defenders in PB leagues last season. However, he only had 0.02 expected assists per 90 which was particularly low. Furthermore, Calabria only attempts 1 dribble per 90 with just a 50% success rate. Overall, Calabria is very intelligent defensively and he does attempt to contribute to attacks often, but his quality in the final third and poor decision making can let him down. Overall, Calabria's past PB scores have been poor but he is still relatively young and if he can improve his end-product, he could hit much higher PB scores in the future.

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Davide Calabria's price started the 2019-2020 season at £0.52. Calabria's price has remained relatively stagnant over the last 12 months due to failing to hit competitive PB scores. Calabria could be a strong longer term hold as he currently plays for a strong team and is showing some of the player characteristics which suggest he has strong potential. Furthermore, he is at a relatively low price for a relatively young full back at a strong sie and if his PB scores were to improve, his price would likely rise. In the short term, Calabria could struggle to play so regularly due to comeptition for the right back spot with new Milan signing - Diogo Dalot. Calabria currently has a an instant sell price of £0.43, but it is worth pointing out that his current spread is much tighter than his average spread since the introduction of Order Books. In fact, Calabria's instant sell price has been as low as £0.13 and if Dalot starts to play more regularly for Milan, Calabria's spread could open up considerably. Overall, Calabria appears a fairly strong longer term hold, but there is a reasonably strong chance he could be bought at a lower price than his current instant sell price at some point throughout the upcoming season in times when his form drops or he lacks regular game time.

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