Aymeric Laporte

Manchester City

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181, 172, 168, 144, 129

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Aymeric Laporte is a center back for Manchester City. Laporte has been out for the majority of the season and since returning he has not performed at the same level as he had in previous seasons. One reason for this may be the departure of experienced center back Vincent Kompany. Nevertheless, Laporte has shown strong potential to hit high PB scores. Manchester City have the most average possession (62.2%) of all Premier League sides and when Laporte plays he often has a lot of the ball demonstrated by him averaging a huge 86 passes per 90. Laporte therefore has a very high base PB score and if he was to score, he'd have a very strong chance of earning match day dividends especially if he scored the GWG. Laporte is unlikely to hit the high peak PB scores needed to earn match day dividends consistently due to his low goal threat, but he has a fairly strong chance of earning match day divdiends throughout a given season given his dominance at the back for City. Laporte will also have the opportunity to compete for match day dividends when playing in the later stages of the Champions League.

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Price Analysis

Aymeric Laporte's price started the season at £1.72. Laporte's price hit a peak of £1.92 in January due to the speculation of him hitting high PB scores upon his return from injury. Since returning from injury, he has not performed as well as he had last season and his price has therefore suffered. Laporte's price has now dropped to a current market price of £1.46 with an instnat sell price of £1.11. Laporte had a poor game recently in the FA Cup final which would have been viewed by many football fans and so the demand for Laporte in the short term is likely to be even less than usual. Therefore, it is likely Laporte could be purchased via a matched bid at a considerable discount on his current market price. Despite not performing at his usual level recently, Laporte is undoubtedly a quality center back and one of the very best in the world. Due to completing so many passes per game, Laporte has a strong chance of earning match day dividends in the future and as a France international, Laporte will also benefit from EURO 2021 and the 2022 World Cup. Overall, due to Laporte currently being off-form despite possessing real quality and a strong chance of earning dividends in the future - he could be bought at a very favourable price via a matched bid.

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