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201, 174, 112, 108, 102

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Alfredo Morelos is a center forward for Rangers. Morelos is a direct center forward who averages a very high 3.65 shots per 90, hitting 72% on target. Morelos is very strong at finishing and tends to score from within 18 yards of the goal and frequently from tight angles. Morelos is also fairly strong at dribbling and has particularly good agility which allows him to quickly turn when on the ball to position himself towards goal. Off the ball, Morelos can be too aggressive, committing 2.4 fouls per 90 and he has received 5 red cards over the last two seasons. Averaging only 20 passes per 90, Morelos is unlikely to hit high PB scores often. However, with a total of 77 goals in 137 Rangers games and 29 goals with 10 assists during the 2019-2020 season, Morelos certainly has the ability to contribute towards goals frequently which could lead to the occassional high peak PB score if he was to play in a PB league in the future. Overall, Morelos' ability to contribute to goals often suggests he could earn match day dividends on occassion.

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Alfredo Morelos' price started the season at £1.00. Morelos' price hit a peak of £1.80 in December due to transfer speculation, but as he did not move away from the SPL, his price dropped and he currently has a market price of £1.57 with an instant sell price of £1.40. Morelos has recently agreed personal terms with Lille, but Rangers are yet to receive a satisfactory bid from the French side and so no transfer has gone ahead yet. It does appear fairly likely that Morelos will sign for Lille and if so he could be a fairly strong hold at his current market price. Morelos' spread has recently tightended due to this transfer speculation and so if the transfer does not go ahead, his spread is likely to widen. Lille will play in the Champions League next season and Morelos could benefit from playing against relatively weak sides in Ligue 1 and possibly score braces/hat-tricks resulting in high peak PB scores. Longer term, Morelos will also benefit from playing at the World Cup for Colombia. Overall, Morelos appears a fairly strong hold given his goalscoring ability and prospects of playing plenty of PB eligible games in the future as a move to Lille looks likely.

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TM98 / FIC

17 years ago

Absolutely Chris. I am sure if they sell Osimhen for a huge fee, whoever replaces him up top will do a great job. They were also heavily linked to J David recently too. Morales could be an interesting one, certainly has MB potential having played for Rangers and as you say being wild on the pitch and a saviour off it

Back 3 Chris

17 years ago

👍🏻Tom, Lille are 1 if not the best recruiters in Ligue 1 Morales is a intriguing guy wild on the pitch but saviour and sponsor to poor back in Columbia, if he moves its not just himself that benefits so i hope it happens.

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