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Player Review

Alex Telles is a left back for FC Porto. Telles is a playmaking defender who is strong at dribbling and crossing. Telles also takes set-pieces for Porto including penalties, free-kicks and corners and Telles has taken more set-pieces than any other player in the whole of the Portuguese first division this season. Telles' strength in attack has led to him scoring an impressive 8 goals and providng 5 assists in 20 Liga Nos games. In the Europa League, Telles' contribution towards goals has been relatively poor having failed to score and having only prodivded 1 assist in 8 games. Therefore, his PB scores have not been so high this season, but he certainly has a lot of potential to hit high PB scores if he was to play for a strong side in a PB league. However, Telles may not be on so many set-pieces at a stronger side. Overall, Telles' style of play appears to suit the PB matrix very well providing 2.3 crosses per game and 2.1 key passes per game and this creativity from defence could lead to Telles competing for match day dividends on a number of occassions next season if a transfer to a PB league does go ahead over summer.

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Price Analysis

Alex Telles' price started the season at around £0.50 and has gradually grown throughout the season with the prospect of a transfer continuing to grow. Telles' price hit a peak of £1.43 in March and has remained fairly stagnant since. This is perhaps because his price is now built up upon the potential of a transfer to a strong side going ahead over summer. PSG and Chelsea are reportedly interested in Telles and a move does seem fairly likely given Porto's financial situation and the need for both PSG and Chelsea to improve further in the left back department. There is room for Telles' price to grow further whilst transfer links develop and Telles also has a chance of earning media dividends if a move does go ahead. However, Telles' price is already built up on a transfer so much and following a move being finalised, his price may not grow much further unless he is able to take many set-pieces for whichever team he signs for and is able to hit very high PB scores. If a transfer does not go ahead, Telles' price is likely to decline. Overall, Telles' price already reflects his potential to hit very high PB scores at a strong PB side and as a 27-year-old he may not be the best value unless he does take set-pieces at whichever side he signs for and hits exceptionally high PB scores regularly.

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