Football Index Club Affiliate Scheme

What benefits are there of becoming an affiliate?

As an affiliate you will receive a very generous 30% of every single payment made to Football Index Club from the trader which signed up to Football Index Club via your affiliate link

Why should I become an affiliate of Football Index Club?

Football Index Club is a growing website providing quality, proven results for Premium Members each month. Traders maximise their trading profits through a range of resources on Football Index Club and so spreading the word about the site to your friends and other traders you interact with is likely to help improve their trading returns too

In return you will then receive a massive 30% of payments including all future recurring payments

How do I become an affiliate of Football Index Club?

It's very easy, just use the link below to sign up and share your link with other traders. Once they sign up through your link your commission will show up in your Rewardful dashboard.

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